Let Them Eat



Let Them Eat draws on creator Tanya Agius’ 25 years experience in fine dining restaurants, making each and every morsel as gorgeous as it is delicious. This is not your typical veggie fare for hippies, oh no, this is the kind of food you’d be happy to serve up for any special occasion, and to any kind of diner, whether vegetarian, vegan or staunchly omnivore.


Tanya is completely hands on, managing the production kitchen, cooking and supervising all the food that flies under the Let Them Eat flag. Having given up her day job to fill a rather obvious gap in the market for beautiful, handmade, rustic vegetarian food, it’s not surprising, once you’ve eaten her wares, to hear Tanya describe the kitchen as her comfort zone – there’s plenty of comfort to be had in her cooking. This is the kind of cooking you’d do at home if you only had the time.


Let Them Eat is all about connected food; food that is connected to the people hand making it, food that is connected to the producers that grow the ingredients, and food that is connected to childhood memories of simply what tastes really good.


Using local South Australian and Australian produce from farmers markets, everything on the Let Them Eat vegetarian menu is free of preservatives and chemicals, minimally packaged using recyclable packaging and easily reheated at home, if not eaten in store or in hand. You don’t have to worry about any of the things that normally come with ‘fast food’ except the ease. Let Them Eat has ticked all the boxes so you can focus on eating delicious food that’s good for you and good for the environment we all live in.