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Yes, Let them eat cater for weddings!  We don’t advertise but word of mouth keeps us very busy every wedding season, see the testimonials for some of our feedback.

This blog is a run down of our menu’s and how they have and can be used for a wedding, most importantly you can add, swap, combine and construct to make it what you want.

Things to consider:


What type of catering do you want?

  • Picnic
  • Buffet – One table or Family Style?
  • Set Menu
  • Finger food or cocktails
  • Roaming Mains
  • Or a combination?
  • Do you want starters or platters to begin with?
  • Do you want to add in a dessert / cakes as well?


What is your budget?

This isn’t always something that people are willing to be upfront about and that is OK, all of the menu’s have indicative pricing on them which gives an idea of where you stand financially.  The price varies as some of the choices are more expensive than others either due to the food cost e.g. seafood or the labour on time consuming items.  As a rule of thumb more choices is more cost as it is more labour.  A good compromise is to pick a couple of options like your ‘ultimate’ menu and one (or two) that has less choices or less expensive choices and have us quote on them all.

Budget – Picnic / Product List Choices

Mid Range – More than a Mouthful Finger Food Menu / Buffet

High End – Cocktails / Roaming Mains

Ultimate – Set Menu


What facilities are available on site?

Is there a full kitchen that can be used, absolutely nothing or something in between.  There are some options that can be delivered completed and require no facilities but otherwise you may need to hire additional equipment and supply a space with electricity to set up a temporary kitchen.  We have some equipment that we are happy to bring along and can let you know what is required in terms of hire equipment once you have a basic menu and number of guests decided.


Will you need waiting &/or drink service staff?

Who is going to set up and clean up during and after the wedding including the dishes!

Roaming mains, finger food, cocktail menu and set menu will all need people to walk the food around so it is essential to have help.

Buffet doesn’t require staff other than clearing and washing dishes from the guests.  If you have disposable crockery you can get away with not having staff but from experience I wouldn’t skimp here.

My suggestion is to have a staff member to help no matter what:  they can clean up mess, pick up glasses, put rubbish and empties in the correct bins.  Generally they help keep the wedding area neat and tidy and things flowing and it is worth spending the money on.

You may want to use some volunteers at the wedding or go through another company for staff, we are happy to direct where necessary and can supply wait staff at $38 per hour for a minimum of three hours.  As a rule of thumb you will need 1 wait staff per 5o guests or part therof.

Kitchen & Waiting Staff (in the old uniform)

Kitchen & Waiting Staff (in the old uniform)

What will your guests eat off?

Finger Food and Cocktails are designed to only use napkins

Roaming Mains includes little disposable plates and cutlery where required

Picnic is often set up in compostable throw away crockery / cutlery.

Buffets and Set Menus need plates and cutlery either available on site, hired or we’ve had a few clients hit the second hand stores and collect what they needed.  If you want to use disposable we can get it through our supplier at very good prices so feel free to ask us to get a quote.

Miniature Leek & Gruyere Tartlets with Cranberry Waldorf Salad on disposable boats

Miniature Leek & Gruyere Tartlets with Cranberry Waldorf Salad on disposable boats

Dietary requirements

Are you Vegetarian, Vegan or Coeliac or have a few (or number of ) guests that are?  Do you plan on catering for them as a whole and constructing the menu around this, there is the option of just brining a plates of food to satisfy them as well.


Travel – where is the wedding?

If it is outside of the metro area we charge a fixed quoted price to cover the cost of getting us, the equipment and the food to you and back.  Quote will be supplied on request.


When to eat?

This is a general guide based on our catering experience:

  • Buffet – no later than 6pm if there are no pre dinner nibbles, 7pm if you are suppling starters (starters are good to be put out from 5pm)
  • Cocktails / Canapes / Roaming Mains – no later than 6:30pm and 6pm if this is the only food.

If cocktails or roaming mains are started too late the guests are generally ravenous and it doesn’t flow through the crowd or over the time frime.


A description of each of the menu’s:


More than a Mouthful Finger Food

These pieces are bigger than cocktail sized items, hence the name, they are about four good bites but can be served without cutlery on platters that are walked around or set up in an area.  We cook it all fresh and deliver it so it is designed to be eaten at room temperature once it gets to you but is still crispy and delicious from being freshly baked / constructed.

This is often used as a light lunch as the menu is for 5 different items and this is a great light meal.  If you want it for a main meal, add more items and get more food.


It includes:

Borrowing the platters



It doesn’t include:

Any wait staff on site

Plates / Crockery – you shouldn’t need them

Baby Pizza of Caramelised Onion, Pear, Walnuts & Gorgonzola

Baby Pizza of Caramelised Onion, Pear, Walnuts & Gorgonzola


Bite sized morsels freshly prepared on site by kitchen staff, fancier than the finger food and requires kitchen facilities and wait staff. Menu.

It includes:

Kitchen Staff


Serviettes to eat from

It doesn’t include:

Any wait staff and you will need them

Hire of equipment if there isn’t adequate cooking facilities on site

Plates / Crockery – you shouldn’t need them

Crispy Skin Pork Belly with pickled cucumber & cress in a steam bun with plum aioli - From the Cocktail Menu

Crispy Skin Pork Belly with pickled cucumber & cress in a steam bun with plum aioli – From the Cocktail Menu


Big platters of mains and sides set up for guests to come up and help themselves, we keep it topped up with hot food as it’s eaten.  This can be changed to family style with platters on each table but it will cost a little more (due to labour of dishing up more platters) and you will have to hire some platters and definitely include wait staff to help take out each table in a timely way. Menu.

It includes:

Kitchen Staff onsite

Arriving with the food

Setting up, refilling and clearing the buffet table

All the platters and serving utensils required for the buffet table

Hiring kitchen equipment that isn’t available on site

Set up and clearing the kitchen set up.

It doesn’t include:

Waiting staff and you may want some

Pricing if you want to change this to a share table arrangement (ask for a quote)

Guests crockery and cutlery

Cleaning up after the guests



This is straight from the Product List and can either be done as individual Brown Bag Meals or as platters of individual items and bowls of salads.  It comes in around the $15 per head mark which includes disposable plate, cutlery & serviette and metro delivery.  You may want to add in a staff member or two to heat the food / clean up without blowing the budget.

brown bag lunches

Roaming Mains *Available on Request*

This is the step up from the Buffet starting at $55 per person.  Small meals in disposable trays are walked around by staff as a standing degustation. We’ve done a couple of these, more simple 5 course to a 8 course degustation – I can send through examples on request and it is definitely a menu that you put together to suit your taste.  Wait staff are required at additional cost.

Coconut Crusted Prawns with Vietnamese Salad & Nuoc Cham - Done as a roaming main

Coconut Crusted Prawns with Vietnamese Salad & Nuoc Cham – Done as a roaming main

Set Menu *Available on Request*

This is the traditional sit down, two or three course wedding menu.  It is the most costly as it requires more kitchen staff to plate up every plate, you will definitely require waiting staff at about 2 per 50 guests or part thereof.  Also, it requires a good sized kitchen area with lots of bench space.

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