Let Them Eat
Tanya, Danielle & Vida

Tanya, Danielle & Vida

This is my first blog & I’m not a natural writer so bear with me…

Who am I?

I am the other half of the owner and chef of Let them eat: I manage the office end of the business, oversee the front of house staff, spend a little time in the kitchen making cakes and helping out when I’m needed, catering and working events on the weekends.

I am a parent (to a “terrible” two year old toddler)and a partner

I am a lover of food, cooking and especially eating

I am always attempting to be healthy and yet not always succeeding – I LOVE sweets

I am busy and really organised

I am not naturally creative and any pretty photographs will likely be credited to someone else – Tanya has been recruited for helping with this

Yet I love life and all the chaos that comes with it.

What will I write about?

There will be some basic posts about:

  • The business – where we are and what we are doing, in depth looks at our catering menus with pictures etc.
  • Recipes
  • Reviews and how to on kitchen equipment (this one is just an excuse for me to buy and try things that I really can’t justify otherwise – I have a wish list)
  • Local food suppliers / manufacturer
  • In-season produce and how to use it and
  • Where to eat in Adelaide.

Let them eat – the business

Let them eat is the brainchild of my partner, started from scratch over seven years ago it was a plan to get her out of the restaurant scene and working some friendlier hours *LAUGHS*. We worked harder than ever before getting this off the ground and moving along. I was an environmental engineer at the time yet loved to cook and eat food and always had a dream to do this for a living.

The business started as mostly wholesale with the Showgrounds Farmers Market as our retail component and some catering as well. It is important to us to use locally produced food to reduce food miles, keep it fresh and know what we were using and where it came from.

Originally a hired kitchen was used and when this became too small we leased our own space and set up the production kitchen. This quickly led to greater capacity and we found the space at Croydon – which shut down this year after trading for six years. More catering and more events paved the way for a revelation…

We shut down the catering side and focussed on our retail component, I quit engineering for good and took on Let them eat as full time employment. It took a little while but the space at the Central Market Arcade became available and we commenced trading there in 2013.

18 months later the side directly across from our store in the market became available and we took the risk of expanding to include a breakfast menu, sandwiches, boosties (whole fruit smoothies) and capacity to take on a whole lot more catering.

We have lots of plans and ideas and thoughts on where to go next with the business, while we are currently focusing on streamlining it all and promoting what already exists we want another shop and keep looking at real estate!


Your feedback is welcomed and encouraged, comment away or you can contact me directly via email at danielle@let-them-eat.com.au.

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